Steam Bio Project Update

The revolutionary SteamBioAfrica project is aimed at creating a sustainable and economically beneficial solution to energy insecurity.

Steam Bio Africa is a project that will address two significant challenges that the region faces: the need for clean, secure and reliable energy, and the need to address the challenge of encroacher bush on Namibian farmland.

This is a project we’ve worked very hard on as a business over the past 2 years and are incredibly proud of. It has gone from strength to strength since we were given the go-ahead to begin working on it back in September 2021, and we can’t wait to show you the final result.

Image of C E Bennett staff in Africa working on a project

So, what’s new with the Steam Bio project?

The entire C.E. Bennetts team have been working tirelessly over the past year on this project that we hold very close to our hearts. Steam Bio Africa has been a mammoth task, but we’re so pleased to let you know that it has finally all come together.

The Steam bio machine takes wood that has been removed from encroaching on farmland and, through a heating process, treats the wood so they are left with a wood that, when burnt, produces no smoke. This makes it a healthier option for local African people to burn and also burns at a higher temperature making it ideal for industrial use in biomass boilers and other burning processes.

The project started at the fabrication stage, and after a lot of building, moved onto the trial testing stage. After the trial tests were successful, we packed the steam bio unit into containers and shipped it to CCF Cheetah Reserve – Namibia, where we then began the installation stage under the hot African sun!! Once the installation was finished, all that our team had left to do was celebrate – and did they ever! They enjoyed a well-deserved bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly before heading back home to the UK 🍾

We don’t believe words do this fantastic project justice, so we have put together this video to show you all the innovative work we’ve been taking on over the past year:

How can I read about what has happened previously with SteamBioAfrica?

To read all the previous updates about this project, as well as all other C.E. Bennets news, you can visit our Facebook and LinkedIn pages or visit our News Page

*This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101036401 🇪🇺

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